Buzz. Bustle. People. Pulse. An area with many faces. Melting pot or danger zone? The margins of a city or its beating heart?

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mr_hopkinson's online interactive video sample orchestra

An interactive flash mx piece that enables users to trigger a variety of video clip samples.

Dug Out ? The Sounds of Bristol

This site represents a particular vision of Bristol?s musical cultural life.

Straight Out-A Bristol

A radio documentary about Bristol's music scene, featuring the music and history of both unsigned and signed bands/musicians.


Residual is a moving image / sonic installation which looks at the archaeology of Bristol's presence, focusing on erosion, residue, visibility.

Being Lady Lucy, Beings on The Waterfront

Beings on the Waterfront is a series of outings to waterfront locations in Bristol and is an outing of Being Lady Lucy.

The Laundry Room

Made by the people, for the people - The web site is set up to reflect the lives and creativity of the people that live in Barton Hill, Lawrence Hill, Redfield and the Dings areas of Bristol.

Local Attractions

Local Attractions is a series of street portraits and environmental images that explore the photographer's impression of Bristol. The work looks at Bristol as a place, and in particular the people who live there that so richly reflect the city's unique identity.

Boom Boom Boom Ye Ancient River Frome

Deciphered and annotated fragments of work found in jewelled chest on top of Mountain of Death, Tokoku Province, Japan.

Skate Map of North Central Bristol

A map primarily for skaters, showing best downhill routes and skate spots.

Game Over

Game Over was a chance for young people across Bristol to come and play Streetball against each other. Streetball is like basketball for show-offs; so was perfect to record. Also on the day were live DJ's and MC's.