Close your eyes and listen. Birdsong and distant traffic hum. Neither here, nor there - sit back, tune out, take in.

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Two Flints

A collective of innovative poets and illustrators from the South West and beyond.

Bristol Dinosaur

Bristol Dinosaur is an animated version of Andrew Council's view of a reimagined Bristol.

The Senses

The Senses features short films produced in fifteen hospices and hospitals across England.


Velocity uses live images from cctv traffic cams around Bristol to create a sublime landscape painting.

New Light

New Light is a film created from collection of images by painter Kathryn Thomas and photographer Tamany Baker.

Signs and Manufactory

Two photographic projects - Signs is a series of photographs of meaningless signs, taken around Bristol, and Manufactory is an exploration of the derelict Wills tobacco factory in Hartcliffe, Bristol, shown in 360 degree panoramic photographs.

Seven Secret Wonders of Bristol

Seven Secret Wonders offers a unique way to explore some of Bristol?s hidden places. Here, seven small worlds are mapped: secret places hidden and awaiting discovery, a collection of fragments, of moments, a different way of visiting the city.

Art Tea in the Vanish Van

Art Tea was an afternoon event using Spike Island's van and travelling camera obscura.