Tracing the history of a city - personal record, sound system, family yarn or urban myth?

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Waiting For & Fragments of another life

Waiting For is a series of short video clips about the situation asylum seekers find themselves in and Fragments of another life portraits people recently arrived to the UK.

The Elders

This site documents the development of The Elders - a dance film Lisa May Thomas is making with the Malcolm X Elders Group based at in St Pauls Bristol


An experimental short film exploring the significance of a spontaneous and abundant display of England flags (on a Bristol housing estate).

Bristol Stories

Everyone has a story to tell - this is a growing collection of personal and unique stories made by Bristol people using digital technology.

Empire Re-presented

This unique project, enabled four artists to dig into the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum's exceptional archives from India and Africa to produce two short films.

Dockside Cranes

A resource about the cranes in Bristol city docks including a film based on photographs from the Port of Bristol Authority archive.


Starshed finds the extraordinary in the everyday - Starshed is place where stories of the strange, uncanny or unusual from Bristol, can be read, heard and seen ? mapped out on a new stellar map of the city - be a star and add your story to a Bristol constellation.


Multi facet video presentation researching the commonalities and differences of 4 persons with different cultural backgrounds who are UK residents, though from migrant families or situations.