A changing collection of work from across the Pavilion.

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Processing (2005)

A website documenting ideas and work in progress by artists on a course developing projects using the open source Processing environment.

Two Flints (2005)

A collective of innovative poets and illustrators from the South West and beyond.

Velocity (2005)

Velocity uses live images from cctv traffic cams around Bristol to create a sublime landscape painting.

Straight Out-A Bristol (2005)

A radio documentary about Bristol's music scene, featuring the music and history of both unsigned and signed bands/musicians.

The Elders (2005)

This site documents the development of The Elders - a dance film Lisa May Thomas is making with the Malcolm X Elders Group based at in St Pauls Bristol

Visual Tangents (2005)

A web-based forum that allows individuals to share their experiences and memories of Bristol with the online community. However this is a web-forum with a difference, as it contains within it a computer algorithm that will illustrate the texts left by users with 'tangentially related' automatically generated films.

Starshed (2005)

Starshed finds the extraordinary in the everyday - Starshed is place where stories of the strange, uncanny or unusual from Bristol, can be read, heard and seen ? mapped out on a new stellar map of the city - be a star and add your story to a Bristol constellation.