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Dockside Cranes (2005)

A resource about the cranes in Bristol city docks including a film based on photographs from the Port of Bristol Authority archive.

Seven Secret Wonders of Bristol (2005)

Seven Secret Wonders offers a unique way to explore some of Bristol?s hidden places. Here, seven small worlds are mapped: secret places hidden and awaiting discovery, a collection of fragments, of moments, a different way of visiting the city.

Empire Re-presented (2005)

This unique project, enabled four artists to dig into the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum's exceptional archives from India and Africa to produce two short films.

The Laundry Room (2005)

Made by the people, for the people - The web site is set up to reflect the lives and creativity of the people that live in Barton Hill, Lawrence Hill, Redfield and the Dings areas of Bristol.

Bristol Stories (2005)

Everyone has a story to tell - this is a growing collection of personal and unique stories made by Bristol people using digital technology.

Global Agenda of Land Adjustment (2004)

A Humorous take on company propaganda.

Reception (2005)

An experimental short film exploring the significance of a spontaneous and abundant display of England flags (on a Bristol housing estate).

Residual (2005)

Residual is a moving image / sonic installation which looks at the archaeology of Bristol's presence, focusing on erosion, residue, visibility.

The Elders (2005)

This site documents the development of The Elders - a dance film Lisa May Thomas is making with the Malcolm X Elders Group based at in St Pauls Bristol

New Light (2005)

New Light is a film created from collection of images by painter Kathryn Thomas and photographer Tamany Baker.

Electric Cinema (2005)

Electric Cinema presents a smorgasbord of filmmaking talent.

The Senses (2005)

The Senses features short films produced in fifteen hospices and hospitals across England.

Waiting For & Fragments of another life (2005)

Waiting For is a series of short video clips about the situation asylum seekers find themselves in and Fragments of another life portraits people recently arrived to the UK.

90 Second Challenge (2005)

90 Second Challenge seeks to inspire people across Bristol, UK to make digital media.

Art Tea in the Vanish Van (2005)

Art Tea was an afternoon event using Spike Island's van and travelling camera obscura. (2005)

The summer camp brings together 24 young filmmakers from Sweden, Lithuania and UK to make digital short films.

Bristol Dinosaur (2005)

Bristol Dinosaur is an animated version of Andrew Council's view of a reimagined Bristol.

Visual Tangents (2005)

A web-based forum that allows individuals to share their experiences and memories of Bristol with the online community. However this is a web-forum with a difference, as it contains within it a computer algorithm that will illustrate the texts left by users with 'tangentially related' automatically generated films.

Game Over (2006)

Game Over was a chance for young people across Bristol to come and play Streetball against each other. Streetball is like basketball for show-offs; so was perfect to record. Also on the day were live DJ's and MC's.