Installations, artworks and cross-media experiences.

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Installation4Life (2005)

Multi facet video presentation researching the commonalities and differences of 4 persons with different cultural backgrounds who are UK residents, though from migrant families or situations.

Local Attractions (2005)

Local Attractions is a series of street portraits and environmental images that explore the photographer's impression of Bristol. The work looks at Bristol as a place, and in particular the people who live there that so richly reflect the city's unique identity.

paintvoxbox (2005)

paintvoxbox asks you, the viewer, to comment on different paintings.

Dockside Cranes (2005)

A resource about the cranes in Bristol city docks including a film based on photographs from the Port of Bristol Authority archive.

Signs and Manufactory (2005)

Two photographic projects - Signs is a series of photographs of meaningless signs, taken around Bristol, and Manufactory is an exploration of the derelict Wills tobacco factory in Hartcliffe, Bristol, shown in 360 degree panoramic photographs.

The Laundry Room (2005)

Made by the people, for the people - The web site is set up to reflect the lives and creativity of the people that live in Barton Hill, Lawrence Hill, Redfield and the Dings areas of Bristol.

Being Lady Lucy, Beings on The Waterfront (2005)

Beings on the Waterfront is a series of outings to waterfront locations in Bristol and is an outing of Being Lady Lucy.

Residual (2005)

Residual is a moving image / sonic installation which looks at the archaeology of Bristol's presence, focusing on erosion, residue, visibility.

New Light (2005)

New Light is a film created from collection of images by painter Kathryn Thomas and photographer Tamany Baker.

Velocity (2005)

Velocity uses live images from cctv traffic cams around Bristol to create a sublime landscape painting.

Waiting For & Fragments of another life (2005)

Waiting For is a series of short video clips about the situation asylum seekers find themselves in and Fragments of another life portraits people recently arrived to the UK.

Hannu Karjalainen work in progress (2005)

Finnish artist Hannu came to Bristol to create a series of film installations. The purpose of this web piece is to illustrate the creative process ? from the first rudimentary tests to the making of the actual works.