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copyright credits


Electric Pavilion Project

David Drake - Electric Pavilion Project Coordinator/Producer

Clare Reddington - 90 Second Challenge Coordinator
Paul Appleby - 90 Second Challenge Adviser

Michele Farmer - Watershed Operations and Coordination
Louise Gardner - Communications
Gill Haworth - Site Editor
Ruth Jacobs - Special Projects
Benjamin Miller - Site Engineer
Paddy Uglow - Content Technician
Jill Stokes - Financial Management

Site design & build

Enable InteractiveSubmerge
Darius Pocha - Creative Director
George Marsden - Designer
Nic Rodgers - Head of Technology
Pete Love - Web Developer
Matt Connolly - Communications Director
Dan Efergan - Creative & Technical Director
Ollie Lindsey - Designer

Enable has also commissioned Bristol-based artist Luke Jerram to produce new work, which both feeds in to and extends the ideas in Electric Pavilion.

Bristol graffiti artists Apish Angel and Sickboy helped us out with ideas early on in the project.

Electric Pavilion is a Watershed project as part of Creative Bristol 2005, an initiative of Bristol Cultural Development Partnership - Arts Council England South West, Bristol City Council and Business West.